Saturday, 3 November 2012

Go out and vote for your Police Commissioner

In the next few days there will be elections for police commissioners. Going from having an invisible police authority to an identifiable person holding the police to account is a big change and one that I support.

Unfortunately there will be a lot of politicos calling it a failure, mainly due to the fact that turn-out will be low. It's pretty much guaranteed as it's not been well publicised and I blame the Government for this, even though it's their policy. And I blame the Lib Dems for having the election in November rather than next May at the same time as local elections. It costs more and will then be seen as a failure on low turn-out. Sometimes the LDs are the most cynical of all!

Don't believe when they tell you that it is a failure. Over the next years each police commissioner will get air time in your local areas. They will get blamed for lots of problems and there will be lots of independent minded people stepping out to challenge at the next elections. Mark my words that turn out will be higher next time round, it will build and these positions will become more important.

We don't have elections in London but I implore you to find out who is standing who represents your views and make sure you go out to vote. It will be important.


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