Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Last year's predictions

Every year I make some predictions and then see how well I do. Here's what I predicted for 2012 and how I mark it.

  1. At least one country, probably Greece, will exit the Euro. The Euro will survive though. 0 points.
  2. Ed Miliband will have another bad year, though the talk will be of being replaced by Yvette Cooper. 0 points
  3. Britain will win around 24 golds at the Olympics. 1 point, quite close
  4. The Diamond Jubilee will be a great success and provide a bounce to the coalition of around 5% in the opinion polls. 1/2 point.
  5. Sebastien Vettel will win his third World Championship, closely from Lewis Hamilton. 1 point
  6. Chris Huhne will resign from the Government when facing charges of speeding & perjury. 1 point
  7. A reshuffle will see David Laws make a return to Government. 1 point
  8. In the Euro 2012 championship, England will get knocked out in the quarter finals. 1 point
  9. Mitt Romney will face Barrack Obama in the presidential election, and Obama will win. 1 point
  10. The polls will remain similar to now, Tories 39%, Labour 42%, LibDem 12%. 1/2 point, Labour correct, Tories and LDs overestimated
  11. Boris will win the London Mayoral election, defeating Ken by 6%. 1 point

8 points out of 11, not bad really.

Tomorrow, I'll do my 2013 predictions.


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