Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013 predictions: a bit late

It's been a very busy January for me and so I've not had any time to blog recently. I will try to resume now with more regular blog posts. And to start off, lets have a look at my predictions for the remaining 11 months.

  1. The economy will really start to recover, growing by 1% overall this year.
  2. Along with the economy, the Government's fortunes will improve slightly. Polls at the end of the year will be around 38% Labour, 34% Tory, 12% LibDem, 8% UKIP.
  3. Chris Huhne will not go to prison, but he will not return to Government either.
  4. Fernando Alonso will win the World Championship, from Sebastien Vettel.
  5. Lewis Hamilton will win at least one race this year in his new Mercedes.
  6. Andrew Mitchell will be exonerated of 'plebgate' and the officer who made the allegations will be found out. Mr Mitchell will return to Government in a mini reshuffle in the late summer.
  7. Kate Middleton's baby will be a girl and will carry the name of Elizabeth and Diana in some order.
  8. There will be a monetary scandal involving a cabinet minister forcing them to resign.
  9. David Miliband will agree to join the Labour front bench.
  10. The Eurozone will have a fresh crisis in September when everyone is convinced the problems have been solved.
Let's see what comes true.


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